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  • Gluten Free 

  • Traditional European Style and Flavours 

  • Superior Quality, Flavour, Texture and Bite 

  • Unchanged Family Recipes since 1923 

  • Absolutely All Beef 

  • Proudly Canadian

Featured on The Canadian Jewish News daily dodcast

It was the wurst of times: Toronto’s Chicago 58 celebrates

100 years of Jewish-style salami

About Us

Chicago 58 Foods is a proud Canadian Company founded in 1923. We are currently into the third generation of this family operation. 

Our founder David Bernholtz was Old World trained. At the tender age of twelve, he left home and began apprenticing as a true “Wurstenmaccher” (sausage maker) in Warsaw, Poland. He left Poland at age twenty-three fully skilled and looking for a new start in Canada. 

The Skills and ingredient lists have been handed down from generation to generation and are still in use today. We have provided the finest quality deli meats to the food industry for over eighty-five years. We continue to keep up with modern manufacturing and safety standards. All our deli products are federally inspected and H.A.A.C.P. certified. Our products can be found across Canada in delis and major retail chains and include products that are Gluten Free, Calorie Reduced, and Low Sodium. And most importantly, they taste great. 

Today we are continuing to identify customer needs. The quality and variety of our products have expanded with the same care and attention to detail. Convenience and consistency provides our customers with the competitive edge needed in today’s changing market place. 

The new generation of this family business expects to continue to supply quality deli products. 


Source: Doo Doo the Clown


David Bernholtz


Sidney Starkman


Harold Bernholtz


Moshe Ami & Max Reiken


The Three Wise Men


56 Lippincott St, Toronto, ON


56 Lippincott St, Toronto, ON


56 Lippincott St, Toronto, ON

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Letter from Department of Agriculture (1962)


Letter from Toronto City Clerk's Office (1926)

Union Kosher Business Card

Union Kosher Business Card

Union Kosher Bank Book (1928)

Union Kosher Bank Book (1928)

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